• Gift Check Program

  • One of the most popular ways to support your local merchants is through the Northville Chamber of Commerce Gift Check Program. They make great presents for teachers, office staff, Mother's and Father's Day and of course holidays!




    Checks in the amount of $5, $10, $25 are available for purchase and can be used at any of our participating Chamber businesses. Purchase the gift checks at the Chamber of Commerce.  Below is a list of merchants who will accept a gift check: 



    The Bee’s Knees Pottery, 149 E. Main Street, 248-347-6718


    Davis Auto Care, 807 Doheny Drive, 248-349-5115

    Jim’s Oil Depot, 807 Doheny Drive, 248-349-7884

    Ultimate Auto Spa, 807 Doheny Drive, 248-349-3509


    Nothing Bundt Cakes, 43280 11 Mile Road, Novi, 248 521-7903

    Great Harvest Bread Company, 139 E. Main, 248-344-1550


    Gazelle Sports, 39737 Traditions Drive, 248-534-1372

    Northville Stitching Post, 200 A. South Main, 248-347-7622

    LuLaRoe Kelly & Ross Bass, Downtown Northville, 734-363-1393


    Tipping Point Theatre, 361 E. Cady, 248-347-0003

    Phoenix Theatres—Laurel Park Place, 17310 Laurel Park Drive, 734-404-7027


    Northville Yoga Room, 170 E. Main Street—Suite 300, 248-308-3542


    Ajeless Health & Medical Spa, 118 MainCentre, 248-465-8000

    Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, 39713 Traditions  Drive, 248-550-0004


    Begonia Brothers, 21061 Brickscape Dr., 888-889-8282

    Gardenviews, 117 E. Main, 248-380-8881


    KB Jewelers, 141 N. Center Street, 248-348-3810

    Orin Jewelers, 101 E. Main, 248-349-6940


    Custard Time, 567 Seven Mile, 248-349-1477

    Garage Grill & Fuel Bar, 202 West Main Street, 248-924-3367

    Genitti’s, 108 Main Street, 248-349-0522

    Northville Sports Den, 133 W. Main, 248-347-5993

    Poole’s Tavern/Bak Bar, 157 E. Main, 248-349-1715


    Preservation Dental, 371 E. Main Street, 248-348-1313

    Dogtopia, 20510 Haggerty,  248-289-3507


    Edible Arrangements, 873 W. Ann Arbor Trail, 734-459-9620

    American Carpet, 43157 Seven Mile,  248-305-0963

    Craig David Butler Studios, 900 Starkweather, Plymouth, 734-560-3115

    Eats and Sweets Boutique, 900 Starkweather, Plymouth, 734-560-3220

    Friends of Northville Library Store, 212 W. Cady, 248-349-3020

    Maybury Farm, 50165 8 Mile Road, 248-374-0200

    Northville Historical Society, 215 Griswold, 248-348-1845

    Spice Merchants, 110 N. Center, 248-735-8300


    Good Time Party Store, 567 7 Mile, 248-349-1477


    BBQ Bill - Advanced Concessions

    Anne’s Marbling

    Artisun Bath & Skin Care

    Babcia’s Boy

    Cakes by Penny

    D&C Wielfaert Family Greenhouse

    D&J Woody’s

    Gracias Greenhouse

    Guthrie Gardens

    Jim Mueller Woodcrafts

    Kapnick Orchards

    Lightweight Travel and Totes

    M or M Creations

    Old Country Kettle Corn

    Rain Gems Designs

    Sell Farms & Greenhouses

    Simply Silver

    Stahl’s Farms and Greenhouses

    The Cheese People

    WindCrest Farm

    Xiong Fresh Asian Produce

    The market is open May—October on Thursdays from 8:00am—3:00pm



  • FAQs

    What if I lose your check? Losing a Northville Gift Check is basically the  same as losing cash or a personal check made  out to a second party. Anyone who finds this  check becomes the bearer and could use it for purchases at the participating businesses. Lost checks will not be reimbursed by the Chamber.

    What if I don’t use the Gift Check before the expiration date? If a recipient has an expired Gift Check,  you can simply return it to us at the Chamber and we will provide a new check .

    What happens when I take this check to a participating Chamber business? Make sure they are aware you will be using your gift check, and pay for your purchase the same as you would with a personal check. Write the business on the “Pay to the order of” line. Merchants receiving Gift Checks may decide whether or not to give back change or a store credit on a purchased item less than the face value of the check.