• Great Lakes Wealth Announces No Fee Investment Offer
    Market volatility is creating huge opportunity - invest in your future now.
    We are THRILLED to announce a limited time offer (good through June 30, 2020) to WAIVE OUR MANAGEMENT FEES FOR UP TO ONE WHOLE YEAR! This is available to BOTH new and existing clients. Do you have any friends, family, or colleagues that may be looking to invest right now? This pandemic has knocked the stock market down and exemplified, amongst other things, that volatility can create a HUGE opportunity! You just need to buy (and sell) AT THE RIGHT TIME – and we think we this is the opportunity of a generation to BUY stocks! We also know that you need to have a plan – and the importance of having a safety net, being proactive, and having a professional in your corner. The best way we can give back to the community is by making it easier for people to invest in their future. Please take advantage of this offer while it lasts! If you fail to plan… You plan to fail!  #VolatilityCreatesOpportunity #BuyLowSellHigh

    Reasons to invest with Great Lakes Wealth now:

    a. To give YOU a chance to save money on fees AND make money in the markets!  #SaveMoneyAndMakeMoney

    b. New Investors – if you have money sitting in the bank, the stock market is LOW! This is a generational buying opportunity. The next 90 days may create the perfect window to buy… but you need to open the account now, before you miss out!

    c. Current Investors not at GLW – YOU CAN SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS BY SWITCHING TO GLW TO MANAGE YOUR PORTFOLIO! Are you happy with where you’re at? Are you happy with your current Advisor? What about your portfolio’s returns in the last 3 months? Or in 2019? Do you have a solid financial plan? You should really evaluate if you’re getting your money’s worth! Give us a try -since there are NO FEES to open the account right now!

    d. Current Investors at GLW – Need we say more? Free fees for what we’re already doing for you! And, as you know, we do see major investment opportunities now! #BuyLowSellHigh #VolatilityCreatesOpportunity

    For additional information or to sign up, please email deweysteffen@greatlakeswealth.us or stephenbartus@greatlakeswealth.us or brucepalen@greatlakeswealth.us. You can also call our office directly at (248) 378-1200 to speak with them.

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    phone: (248) 378-1200
    Offer Valid: May 1, 2020June 30, 2020
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