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Chamber membership icon  What Makes Someone a Connector
The first--and most obvious--criterion is that Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who know everyone.
All of us know someone like this. But I don't think that we spend a lot of time thinking about the importance of these kinds of people. I'm not even sure that most of us really believe that the kind of person who knows everyone really knows everyone. But they do.  
— Malcom Gladwell, Tipping Point

When you join the Northville Chamber, YOU'RE CONNECTED...connected to over 400 Northville area businesses, organizations, individuals, and leaders.   Connectors are the people who "link us up with the world ... people with a special gift for bringing the world together."

JOIN TODAY - Connect yourself to the Chamber network: - 400+ Chamber Member Businesess - Township and City Officials - Northville Schools - Northville Community

The Chamber Membership Application is available by clicking on Membership_Application.pdf. 

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  • MEMBER TO MEMBER DISCOUNTS — Numerous Chamber member-to-member discounts are available for you to take advantage of or to provide. There are so many ways in which to save money while also increasing business.

  • REFFERALS -  The Chamber is the community clearing house for information; we maintain a membership database that allows us to provide information to any and all who are looking for YOUR business.

  • NORTHVILLE CHAMBER BUSINESS DIRECTORY -  Each year the Chamber produces 10,000 copies of this popular directory. Chamber members receive two free listings and have the option of purchasing additional listings or display advertising at discounted prices. This directory is made available to Chamber members, distributed in our new resident packets, at special events, and most importantly, delivered to 9,000 households in Northville. A digital version is also provided to each Chamber membership for their advertising needs and is featured on the Chamber website.

  • LOBBY MARKETING - The Chamber has a display area for your brochures, business cards and related information. This is a high traffic area for current and future Northville businesses and residents.

  • RELOCATION PACKETS -  Available to realtors or any newcomers to our community, we provide a great “starter kit” for those moving to our community.

  • CHAMBER COMMUNICATIONS -  Be it through our website, monthly newsletter, e-mail blast or Facebook, or other social networking, the Chamber can promote you to both its 400+ membership base and to the general public.

  • COMMUNITY EVENTS - Your Northville Chamber provides the management of many of the communities treasured and important events, including: the Farmers’ Market, State of  Community Luncheon, Flower Sale, Grub Crawl, Tapped in the Ville, Holiday Lighted Parade, and the signature community event, the Heritage Festival. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available at many of our events.
  • PARTNERSHIPS - The Northville Chamber of Commerce's strategic partnerships are building economic strength for our 400+ members, as well as fueling new directions for the entire Northville community.

  • NETWORKINGAfter Business Hours Mixers are designed to introduce new and current members to the Chamber, provide an opportunity for them to tell others about their business and share promotional materials. Rise & Shine mixers allow you to start your morning with a  great breakfast at a Chamber member business while networking with up to 20 other chamber business leaders.

The Chamber's collaborative efforts with the City, Northville Township, The DDA, Northville Public Schools and local nonprofits help business break new ground. Whether it's navigating social media, understanding tax legislation or connecting entrepreneurs to new resources, the Chamber is there to lead the way in providing relevant information for bettering business.

For Profit Businesses:
1-10   Employees…………. $270.00
11-24 Employees…………  $315.00
25-49 Employees  ………..  $380.00
50-99 Employees…………  $490.00 
100+ Employees………….. $650.00
2nd Business ………………  $150.00
Community Supporter….. $85.00

Let the Chamber connect you!