• Maybury Farm Farmhand

  • Maybury Farm
    Job Description


    • Care of all animals at the farm in accordance with guidelines from Barn and Animal Care Supervisor

    • Maintain all pastures & pens - clean, secure for safety

    • Provide clean water for all animals

    • Follow all protocols for feeding including weight/proportion control of feed provided

    • Grooming of animals

    • Provide animal engagement sessions for the public

    • Support field trips, summer camps, onsite 4-H Club and Farm events by assisting with educational programs concerning livestock

    • Livestock care including birthing, feeding and basic medical care

    • Ensure safety of guests, employees and volunteers

    • Observe guests and volunteer behavior, assess appropriateness of activities, enforce appropriate safety regulation and emergency procedures, apply appropriate behavior-management techniques (including asking the violators to leave)

    • Communicate, work alongside and provide instruction as necessary to employees and volunteers

    • Identify and respond to environmental and safety issues

    • Assist guests, employees, and volunteers in an emergency (fire, evacuation, illness or injury)

    • Tractor Driving as needed

    • Availability to work Events as necessary

    • Follow directions and procedures as established by the Barn and Animal Care Supervisor, the Executive Director, and the NCF Board


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