• March 26 Chamber Member Update

  • US Senate Passes ‘CARES’ Act Focused on Unemployment, Tax, Small Business and Distressed Industries

    The US Senate passed bipartisan legislation last night to provide emergency relief to workers, families, small businesses and distressed industries. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) now moves to the US House where it is expected to see swift action. Here are the details of the CARES Act according to an analysis by the House Ways and Means Committee:



    Unemployment Claims Skyrocket, Strain the System

    Over 42,000 claims were filed on Monday of this week and another 42,000 were filed on Tuesday, reportedly exceeding any single day of claims filings during Michigan’s Great Recession. The volume of claims is causing significant strain on the system and the state’s ability to process claims and answer questions. We have assembled some important links to help you through this process.