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    Business Resource Network Retention Program Discounted!
    This offers supportive services to all on your team! This holds tremendous value – up to $2,500 in supportive services per employee who qualify. Connections can assist employees of participating Business Resource Network (BRN) employers through the engagement of our professionally trained Success Coach. The Success Coach, a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) specialist under contract to SEMCA, is available to assist employees who may be at risk of losing their job or whose job performance is impacted by any number of barriers including transportation. In the past we have assisted employees with car repair, car purchase and temporary transportation assistance such as Lyft or Uber while their vehicle was in repair or until an expired license or insurance issue could be resolved. SEMCA has also assisted employees by providing rent, utilities, child care and food assistance, access to counseling and financial education. The pandemic has created many difficulties for businesses and recognizing this challenge, SEMCA is offering a Connections pricing discount, which is described below: 
    •   Employers with 1 to 25 employees: $3 per employee/month
    •   Employers with 26 to 100 employees: $2 per employee/month
    •   Employers with 101 to 500+ employees: $1 per employee/month
    This pricing discount is available in 6-month terms. We are here to help you help your employees stay employed. For more information, please view our Connections website and a video from current BRN members. I’m free to discuss the program with you, at your convenience.
    Contact: JENNIFER TUCKER, Business Resource Network Associate
    at 313.269.2810
    Contact Information
    phone: (313) 2692810
    Offer Valid: February 9, 2021April 1, 2021
    Northville Chamber of Commerce