• Honoring David Francis Brock

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  • 2024 May Banner Location - East Dunlap/Hutton Curve

  • Fr. Brock joined the Army in high school and spent a year under General George Patton during WWII stationed in Austria and Germany.  He was part of the tank corp. due to his short stature. In 1967 he joined the Navy and served two tours in Vietnam.  He never really talked about those four years being a Chaplain in the jungle because it was so horrible.

    He then served at a hospital base in Japan for a couple years, followed by numerous years in Guam as the Senior Chaplain of all the religions.  His nickname became “Bishop of Guam”.  He served at a hospital in Seattle and then at Guantanamo Navy Base and finally retired as a Captain from Norfolk Virginia Base in 1989.

    - Our Lady of Victory Parish Family