• Honoring John Krudy

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  • I graduated from high school at the age of 17 and decided to join the US Navy. Because of my age, I had to get my father's approval to enlist. Two months later, I reported to the Great Lakes Naval Training station for boot camp. Six weeks later, I reported to the Philadelphia shipyard and boarded the USS Providence CL-82...my home for the next three years.

    Over those three years, we sailed to the Mediterranean and our travels expanded onto many countries and ports. A highlight of our 2nd trip to the Mediterranean was that we had an Admiral on board. He met with officials from many countries including, the King and Queen of England and their two daughters with fanfare. After their visit, the King of England died and his daughter, Elizabeth, became the Queen.

    When the US Providence was decommissioned, I was transferred to the USS Macon CA-132, then the USS Salem CA-139 and discharged from the Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia. I served with the Naval Occupational Forces from July 11, 1946 to March 30, 1950.

    - John Krudy, 90 years old

    Thank you for your service, dad.

    - Lydia Zwarka and Deborah Krudy

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