• Honoring Michael J. O'Dea

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  • Mike enlisted for service in the army in 1967 while a student at the University of Detroit even though he could've used an exemption to stay home. 

    He went through basic training then on to officer training which he graduated in February of 1968 with the rank of second lieutenant. After officer training school, he proceeded to military intelligence school in Fort Holabird, Maryland. He graduated in June of 1968 after completing a course in aerial surveillance. He was stationed in the central highlands near Pleiku, Vietnam and was placed in the 4th infantry division. Once there, he was named first lieutenant.

    He was awarded with the bronze star in July of 1969 for meritorious achievement in ground operations against hostile forces. The greatest reward of all though, was being able to come home to his family

    - The O'Dea Family

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