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  • Northville Gift Checks

    One of the most popular ways to support your local merchants is through the Northville Chamber of Commerce Gift Check Program. They make great presents for teachers, office staff, Mother's and Father's Day and of course holidays!

    Checks in the amount of $5, $10, $25 are available for purchase and can be used at any of our participating Chamber businesses. Purchase the gift checks at the Chamber of Commerce.  

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      Great Harvest Bread
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      Northville Stitching Post
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      Northville Farmers' Market
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      Genitti’s Hole in the Wall
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      Spice and Tea Merchants

  • FAQ:

    How Many Gift Checks can I order?
    There is no limit on the number of Gift Checks you can order. However, if you have a large number you would like to purchase it would be wise to call ahead and order in advance of pick up. * If ordered during the Consumers Energy Promotion, you will be limited to a purchase total of $500. While supplies last.

    What type of payment is accepted?
    The Chamber will accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express on the online payment system at www.northville.org.  When available cash and checks will be accepted as well with a pickup order.

    What if the recipient loses his/her check?
    Losing a Northville Gift Check is basically the same as losing cash or a personal check made out to a second party. Anyone who finds this check becomes the bearer and could use it for purchases at the participating businesses. Lost checks will not be reimbursed by the Chamber.

    What if a recipient does not use his/her Gift Check before the expiration date?
    If a recipient has an expired Gift Check, he/she can simply return it to us at the Chamber and we will provide a new check.

    What happens when I take this check to a participating Chamber business?
    Make sure they are aware you will be using your gift check and pay for your purchase the same as you would with a personal check. Write the business on the “Pay to the order of” line. Merchants receiving Gift Checks may decide whether to give back change or a store credit on a purchased item less than the face value of the check.

    Important Program Notes: 
    *All gift checks will be mailed.  Allow 72 hours after purchase for processing.
    *The "Our Town" Consumers Energy matching gift card promotion has been depleted.  No funds will be matched.