• Honoring Harold J. Holden

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  • Our dad, Hal Holden, enlisted in the Army Air Corps Glider Pilot Training Program in 1942. In September 1944, he was assigned to the "Market Garden" operation as a glider co-pilot. The mission was to fly over German-occupied Belgium and Holland, land safely, and deliver soldiers and supplies. After being towed airborne by a C-47 tow plane, the flight took four hours, flying at 3,500 feet. Over Belgium, they encountered anti-aircraft fire, but landed safely near Grave, Netherlands. Pilots were instructed to find their own way back to England. It took several days, wandering through German-occupied territory, to reach Allied forces and safety. 

    Later, Hal become a dentist, married Mary Virginia Lynch, and had seven children. His son, Tom and wife Abbie, are Northville residents.

    - The Holden Family

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