• Honoring Herbie Weot

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  • Corporal Hubert Weot, Army Medical Service, United States Army, Medical Company, 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, distinguished himself by heroism in action against an armed enemy on June 16, 1952, in the vicinity of Sonbyck, Korea. Corporal Weot was returning to the main line of resistance from a forward aid station along a narrow and hazardous road when a furious enemy mortar barrage blasted the route. Forced to halt his vehicle, he dismounted and sought cover. Suddenly, Corporal Weot realized that the driver of another vehicle, which was halted by the bombardment, was seriously wounded.

    Forsaking the security of his sheltered position, Corporal Weot immediately dashed through the exploding missiles to the aid of the stricken man and transferred him to the litter jeep. Despite the acute personal danger, Corporal Weot drove the vehicle through the voluminous and incessant fusillade to the aid station. The heroism and selfless devotion to his comrade demonstrated on this occasion by Corporate Weot reflected great credit to himself and were keeping with the high traditions of the military service.

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