• Honoring Scott Lee Cummings

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  • USMC Lance Corporal Scott Lee Cummings grew up in Northville.  He excelled in studies, sports, and band, playing several different instruments at Northville High School and graduating in 1974.

    He decided to join the USA Marines in 1977 explaining he wanted the best and hardest training. I think there was some pride in his thinking because our father had also served the Marines.

    He did his boot camp in San Diego, CA (so called Hollywood Marine). He was then sent to Okinawa, Japan. He mainly handled cargo there, along with other duties.

    When he returned back home, he was assigned to Camp Lejeune, NC.

    He gave thought to re-enlisting but decided to start a career and settle down back in Michigan. He joined the local American Legion. He went to Schoolcraft College and received two associate degrees. He studied computer program and worked for a couple of firms.

    He ended up working at Ford’s Sheldon Road plant where he suffered a back injury. In 2014 he contracted a condition that took all of his muscle strength out of his legs and was unable to walk. He lived in assisted living until 2019 when he passed away from a heart related issue on April 24th, 2019 he was 64.

    - Robert Cummings Jr.